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How Long Should Your Resume Be, According to 25 Experts

Some would say that there’s no standard resume length that works for everyone. After all, some people have more years of work experience, while others...
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IT talent: 10 Power Moves for Talent Retention

10 power moves for IT talent retention Don’t wait until you see the waning signs. Adopt these power moves to keep your best employees happy...
Professional Alternative's CEO, Chris Myers

CEO of fast-growing local company got his start mowing yards

Chris Myers got his start as an entrepreneur when he was a kid mowing yards. Today, he's the CEO of Professional Alternatives of Houston LLC, a...
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Messed Up In A Job Interview? Here’s How To Recover

Your stomach drops to the floor. Your palms get sweaty. You begin to ramble incoherently, or worse, can’t come up with anything to say at...
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Top Tips on Writing an Effective Resume

Having a well-crafted resume that hits all the right points is a critical component in landing your next position. Unfortunately, these days, it’s not just...
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The Most Common Interview Questions and How To Answer Them

While you will never know exactly what to expect in a job interview, that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. Based on our experience in...
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Starting Your New Job on the Right Note: A Checklist for New Hires

Starting a new job is truly an adventure. It’s a fresh start, bringing the promise of new relationships, new responsibilities, and new beginnings along your...
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Your Interview Commute: Plan Ahead to Avoid Delays

If you are on your way to a job interview, the last thing you want is to be stuck in traffic or lost. While most...
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Job Interview Tips: Making a Great First Impression

When applying for a new job, chances are you will be one candidate among many applying for the same position. So, what can you do...