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We are seeking a for dedicated and detail-oriented Collector. In this role, you will play a critical part in assisting with repossession orders, contacting members whose accounts are subject to repossession, managing storage notices, and filing insurance claims when necessary. 


  • Collaborate with repossession teams to assist with the execution of repossession orders, ensuring all necessary documentation and actions are completed.
  • ???????Initiate contact with members whose accounts are in delinquency and subject to repossession, conducting respectful and empathetic conversations regarding their financial situations.
  • Manage and send storage notices to members whose repossessed vehicles or assets are held in storage, adhering to legal requirements and company policies.

  • Maintain accurate and comprehensive records of all interactions with members, actions taken, and any agreements or commitments made.

  •  Assist with the preparation and filing of insurance claims when necessary, ensuring the proper documentation is submitted and claims are processed efficiently.

  • Ensure strict adherence to all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards governing collections and repossession.


  • Prior experience in collections or a related field, with an understanding of collection procedures and regulations.
  • ???????Exceptional communication skills, with the ability to engage with members in a professional, courteous, and empathetic manner.
  • Proficiency in identifying issues and proposing practical solutions to overcome challenges in the collections and repossession process.
  •  Knowledge of and adherence to laws and regulations governing collections, repossession, and insurance claims.

  • Ability to adapt to changing collection strategies and member needs


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