Employees growing in their marketing career will assist companies to shape and promote their brand images, sell their products, and also run campaigns on various media platforms. Several marketing roles are required for different industries. Marketing support can be needed in schools, hospitals, publishing companies, and even non-profit organizations. Professionals seeking to develop their marketing careers can optimize corporate communications while nurturing client relationships and managing different products or brands.

Marketing Career: Some of the Top Job Titles


1) Sales + Entry-Level Marketing

Regardless of the growth of eCommerce marketing, a large demand for excellent sales representatives that can engage clients face-to-face or even through telephone or other internet service technologies still exists. An employee seeking to develop their marketing career can work as an:

  • account coordinator
  • marketing associate
  • account executive
  • inside sales representative
  • assistant account executive
  • business development director
  • business development analyst
  • business development associate
  • business development representative


2) Public Relations

Public Relations departments make use of both traditional digital marketing tools to sell their products and enhance the visibility of their company. They also work to improve the influence on investors, the public and media, employees, and business affiliates. If you want to push your marketing career under the public relations sector, you can look into the following roles:

  • vice president of marketing
  • business development representative
  • marketing director
  • marketing manager
  • assistant marketing director
  • associate marketing director


3) Market Research

If you want a marketing career under market research, have it in mind that it is essential to the growth of all marketing strategies. Positions in this niche require strong problem solving, analytical and needs assessment skills. You can be a:

  • market research analyst
  • associate project manager
  • market research assistant
  • marketing assistant
  • marketing analyst
  • marketing research lead
  • marketing data analyst
  • marketing research associate
  • marketing research intern


4) eCommerce Marketing

Pursuing a marketing career under eCommerce marketing will involve drawing the interest of internet users to brands or products provided by online stores through the use of search engine marketing or search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, display advertising, and email marketing. You can look into the following positions:

  • eCommerce marketing director
  • eCommerce associate
  • eCommerce marketing manager
  • eCommerce editor
  • eCommerce marketing specialist
  • eCommerce content specialist


5) Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is the approach of individual customers “in person” by companies. Pursuing a marketing career here will involve contacting customers through telemarketing, sending them physical market materials like sales catalogs or even coupons and flyers, or even sending targeted emails. Some top direct marketing roles would be:

  • marketing and promotions manager
  • analyst, performance marketer
  • marketing promotions specialist
  • direct marketing manager
  • marketing specialist
  • marketing associate
  • marketing specialist

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