Customer Service Staffing Agency

Customer Service Staffing Agency Delivering Lasting Placements

Our award-winning customer service staffing agency experts utilize a comprehensive customer service talent database, industry experience, and essential industry knowledge to locate and deliver top talent for your organization's role. The focus of our staffing agency experts is to help fill your vacant roles with driven and talented customer service hires who will push your business forward and deliver bottom-line value. Our team's drive to develop a true partnership with our clients is what separates Professional Alternatives from the competition.

Working with some of the top companies in the nation, we fill a number of customer service jobs, including:

  • Customer Care Associate
  • Client Relations Associate
  • Flight Attendant
  • Account Coordinator
  • Account Management Coordinator
  • Account Representative
  • Account Specialist
  • Bilingual Customer Service Representative
  • Business Service Representative
  • Call Center Customer Support
  • Customer Care Operator
  • Customer Care Representative
  • Customer Interaction Management Specialist
  • Customer Liaison Officer
  • Customer Relationship Specialist
  • Customer Service Agent
  • Customer Service Ambassador
  • Customer Service Asset Manager
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Telephone Support Specialist

Award-Winning Customer Service Staffing Agency & Recruiters

Customer Service Staffing Agency, Recruiters, Headhunters, Call Center Temp Agency

Our customer service staffing agency experts partner with clients to help them grow their business through top customer service, call center, and client support talent. Our customer service temp professionals utilize direct-hire, contract, and contract-to-hire solutions to help your business stay on top.

Customer Service Staffing Agency, Recruiters, Headhunters, Call Center Temp Agency

With over 355 years of experience as a leading customer service staffing agency, our team of qualified and experienced customer service and customer service hiring team is here for your success. From customer service management to a call center rep, we have the talent you need, when you need it.

Customer Service Staffing Agency, Recruiters, Headhunters, Call Center Temp Agency

Our work every day to ensure consistently high-quality customer service talent and client satisfaction through our ProAlt Promise, which is our 100% quality guarantee. If you're looking for a customer service hiring team, we're the group to deliver the top customer service candidates you're searching for.

Customer Service Staffing Agency, Call Center Temp Agency, Customer Service Temp Agency

Customer Service Jobs & Call Center Jobs

Customer service jobs are one of the pillars of profitability and the positioning of any successful business. It focuses directly on customer satisfaction and optimizing their experience with a brand. Interestingly, one of the fundamental processes for the expansion of customer service jobs or attention was the creation of the global telephone and several other technological infrastructures. Hire top talent now! 

Call Center Temp Agency & Staffing Agency Solutions

The #1 call center temp agency team at Professional Alternatives focuses on providing a personalized approach to your high-volume call center staffing needs, ensuring your staff and your clients receive high-quality service, each and every time. From account managers to team leads, our call center temp agency professionals are focused on delivering focused and driven customer service staff to keep your business growing. Contact us today! 

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Customer Service Temp Agency Delivering Top Solutions

All of the temporary and contract candidates that are delivered by the customer service temp agency team at Professional Alternatives are thoroughly screened and qualified by our team of experienced placement consultants. Before we deliver our temp customer service candidates, they complete skill-specific and industry-relevant assessments and skills testing, to ensure the best match possible for our clients. No matter the type or quantity of temporary employees, every Professional Alternatives candidate is guaranteed to complete the tasks and duties set out by the client while on assignment.

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Our Quality Guarantee: The ProAlt Promise

For nearly two decades our mission has been to help companies grow by providing best-in-class hiring solutions.