Here's What Our Clients and Candidates Think About Us

Since 1998, Professional Alternatives has been working with top companies and talent from around the country. Below is a collection of some feedback we’ve gotten over the years:

Client Testimonials

“Professional Alternatives and their experienced staff are well connected to help you grow your teams. They are professional, courteous, and do a great job of listening to the needs of both the candidate and the employer. They have a keen sense of the marketplace and a good understanding of who is and who is not a good cultural fit. I highly recommend their services!”

Chris V., Regional Manager

Mortgage Bank


“The team at Professional Alternatives has been wonderful to work with. The level of professionalism, communication, and ability to place or find quality candidates has been wonderful. If you ever need to find the right candidate for your company, I would highly recommend them!”

Ben S., Area Vice President

Mortgage Bank


“I have really enjoyed working with Professional Alternatives! Their team is attentive and diligent in helping us find potential employees. They are very prompt in their communication, and I definitely recommend them!”

Bob H., President

Mortgage Bank


“Professional Alternatives gets me. They understand what I need and provide the best possible candidates for the job.”

Roberta W., Credit Supervisor

Global Manufacturing Company


“Professional Alternatives is about helping and teamwork. It eases my mind knowing that I’m one phone call away from finding experienced, qualified help.”

Mary T., Credit and Collections Manager

Cash Management Company


“Given my company’s rapid growth, there was very little time for me to find the talent I needed. Professional Alternatives was able to deliver quality candidates right when I needed them. I highly value them as a great business partner!”

Latresha T., Team Leader, AP Disputes

Global Food Distribution Company


“Pro Alt is quick to identify our hiring needs and serve as an excellent business partner. We greatly value the fast turnaround on candidates and the variety of backgrounds presented.”

Melanie M., HR & Operations Manager

Global Food Distribution Company


“Professional Alternatives spends time with me to understand our business and the requirements for the job to be filled. They work closely with me to recognize the “state” the department is in and the tempo required to fill the job. Their recruiters are prompt in responding to our business needs and I enjoy working with them!”

Diana A., HR Operations Manager

Oil & Gas Exploration Company


“I’ve worked with Professional Alternatives for more than 10 years. Not only do they deliver the highest quality candidates, they do it quickly and consistently, making them one of my most trusted business partners.”

Natalie L., HR and Benefits Manager

Retail Marketing Agency


“Over the last several years of working with Professional Alternatives, we have been delighted with the quality of service and candidates offered by Professional Alternatives. From the first phone call, you feel confident that your needs are being heard. Their team is truly there to help you solve your staffing needs!”

Linda N., CEO

Meetings and Events Company


“Professional Alternatives provides strong and successful candidates time and time again. We truly value our partnership with them and continue to rely on their services for our all of our staffing needs!”

Monique G., Director of Finance

Home Construction Company


“Professional Alternatives has been an instrumental partner in our hiring efforts. As we have grown our startup company, they have excelled in finding us the unique finance and accounting roles we need. Their industry knowledge and experience help cut through the red tape and allows them to find people quickly.”

Billy R., Head of HR

Global Commodity Trading Company


“I reached out to Professional Alternatives in desperate need of a finance resource and they delivered a seasoned professional to our office for an interview within two days! The candidate perfectly matched our needs in terms of skill set and cultural fit. We have gone well past our original 90-day commitment and plan to keep our contractor onboard for a 6+ month term due to the progress we have been able to make with this person’s help.”

Colin G., VP of Finance

Chemical Manufacturing Company


I was fortunate to be introduced to Joanne Gierspeck with Professional Alternatives from the very beginning of our agency. Initially, we only needed a well qualified, experienced but temporary staff. They were immediately able to provide the personnel that helped enable our ongoing success. As we grew, they were with us every step of the way and become a go to resource for all of our staffing needs, from exceptional processors to leadership among our escrow and title plant management.

Jerry Langley

I have worked with Professional Alternatives for 10+ years. They are my first go-to for recruiting needs. Outstanding service, outstanding candidates and outstanding results. I would recommend Professional Alternatives to anyone that is looking to fill qualified, top notch positions. They can connect you with me for a reference. I would be happy to share my decade plus relationship experience with you. This group is A+.

Micah H.

Professional Alternatives has always pulled through for us. Whether we call them last minute for a temp or we need someone full time, they have never let us down. They have invested in getting to know our company, so they understand our needs and culture. We can trust them to send us the right candidates for our needs and continue to be impressed with the outcome.

Tara L.

Professional Alternatives is an amazing agency to work with. I have worked with them for many years and even placed a couple of their candidates in permanent positions in my department. Joanne Gierspeck and her staff go above and beyond to meet my staffing needs and I highly recommend using them!

Kirsten W.

The folks at Professional Alternatives (specifically Mike Alderman) are fantastic to work with. I have worked with P.A. for over 6 years now and they have become a valued partner in our business. Superb communication and follow through.

C H.

I have been with Professional Alternatives for approximately 2 years. Ms. Arianna Morris who is my recruiter makes it a delight to call each time I do so. Her professionalism is second to none and she has sent me on some of my best interviews. It has been a real pleasure to be registered with them and I believe anyone who chooses to do likewise will find it to be a prosperous experience. It is a first class staffing agency for sure.

Rick K.


I find the entire Professional Alternatives team both personal and professional at the same time. They find me candidates with the exact requirements I am looking for. Thank you all for what you do.

Debra A.

I have worked with Professional Alternatives for 25 years. They have always been professional and sent us qualified candidates. They took the time to learn our likes and dislikes in candidates and always strive to make a good match for not only our job requirements but our culture as well. I highly recommend them as your hiring source.

Janis S.

It has been an incredibly rewarding experience working with Professional Alternatives. For a start, a firm should always work in the best interest of its clients. This being the case, it is immensely important for the firm to uphold the following values: integrity, professionalism, respect, and responsiveness. The staff at Professional Alternatives have demonstrated that these values are essential when conducting business. Moreover, Christine Norris in particular has conveyed a great passion for serving others by going above and beyond the call of duty. Likewise, Christine is exceptionally responsive and works with great diligence. If you deem value and quality as key components in the workforce I recommend Professional Alternatives!

Unisha C.


Fantastic Agency and Recruiters! I have known and used PA for more than 15 years, when I needed them to fill a position at my company, and when I have gone through job changes. Every time I have visited, be it just to say hello or for assistance, I have been treated professionally. I work closely with Christine and she is a joy to work with. She and PA have always looked out for me. They are a blessing.

Joanna W.

Professional Alternatives, Sue Bragg (and Christine Norris) have assisted me with staffing over the past 10+ years. They have provided expertise for professional, non-professional, temporary and permanent positions. By prioritizing our long-term relationship/partnership, they are interested in finding the best fit for both the employer and the candidate. While other recruiting firms submitted candidates that were not properly vetted, Professional Alternatives personally interviews candidates for both the appropriate skill set and fit within our organization.

Susan C.

The team at Professional Alternatives, James Criswell and Donna Stewart, are two the finest business partners I've had the pleasure to work with. They are dependable, fair and responsive. They have the experience to quickly comprehend staffing requirements, to promptly provide quality talent. I highly recommend them!

Werner C.


I worked with Professional Alternatives for over 10 years. Sue Bragg has an uncanny knack for finding just the right candidate. She has expertly helped me quickly fill numerous positions over the years with quality people. Great organization!

Pamala M.

As an HR professional, I have been working with Professional Alternatives for nearly a decade. I have taken them with me to four different jobs and refer as many colleagues and job seekers to them as often as possible. Christine is easily one of the most positive, upbeat people I've ever met, and she really listens when I tell her what I'm looking for. ProAlt has helped me find creative solutions to staffing when necessary, and they work tirelessly and are able to find exactly what I need when I need it.

Nataly L.


Job Seeker Testimonials

You have got to give them a try!! The staff at ProAlt is awesome! They were so warm and
welcoming when I went in to speak with them. And when it came time to interview with the
company, they helped me every step of the way. I am now on full time with a great company
because of all of their help!

Sara F.

They have always been my go-to staffing agency. After all these years, I still recommend them to anyone looking for a job.

Like E.

I have had the pleasure of working with Professional Alternatives twice. Both times they
responded to my initial request promptly to find a job that fit my qualifications. Once I had the
job, they even followed up to see if the job was a good match. The staff is pleasant and friendly.
They go beyond just looking at a person's resume but truly make the effort to get to know their clients. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone who may need some help in their job search. Professional is exactly what Professional Alternatives stands for!

Eva P.

I had such a wonderful relationship with Professional Alternatives as I've worked off and on with this agency for five years in different temp roles. The recruiters there continue to treat me and my friends who I've referred with dignity and kindness. They always reply to my emails the same day, and every time they've placed me, it's been so enjoyable with great companies. I completely trust them for my future employment needs and I highly encourage you to do the same if you're looking for employment!

Andrea P.

Professional Alternatives really helped me out when I was in between jobs! Everyone at the
office is so nice. I'm very appreciative with all the help PRofessional ALternatives provided.
Definitely a great place to get your foot in the door and for companies to find candidates that
fit perfectly with their business needs.

Glenn J.

Professional Alternatives, has been a source of great source and I have landed some really great temp positions with her. I definitely recommend ProAlt to my colleagues when they are job searching.

David Casey

When I was out of work and seeking employment, I met with a PSG recruiter who made me feel right at home in her office. What I like best about Professional Alternatives is the wide variety of roles they offer for a wide variety of candidates! I now refer everyone her way when I hear someone tell me they are looking for work. Highly recommend!

Rebecca B.

My experience with Professional Alternatives has been exceptional. Each recruiter has been
extremely attentive and helpful since the beginning. They were constantly communicating with me to make sure I was set to start working. I had difficulties at the beginning filling out my timesheet, but my recruiter facilitated that process and was very understanding. I am very
satisfied working through this agency and truly appreciate their flexibility.

Laura Q.

Have dealt with many staffing agencies as both a candidate, as well as, an employer and
couldn't be happier with Professional Alternatives. The best in my experience. Always a great team to work with.

Kimberly D.

Very positive experiences with ProAlt. I've had good hires who are building tenure on my team. Communication from the office staff is excellent.

Spencer H.

Professional Alternatives has been nothing short of amazing! On two separate occasions PA
pointed me in the direction of the best career opportunity for me. The first time, I was referred to them when I first arrived in Houston straight out of college.They helped me learn how to navigate corporate america as a young professional right as the recession hit. The second time, I was a new mother who was ready to return to the workforce. Christine and the team understood exactly what I needed and I was placed in a full time direct hire opportunity within weeks of our meeting. I cannot recommend Professional Alternatives enough!

Elisia T.

The Professional Alternatives Team knew how to match my experience and skills with the type of company I was looking for, briefed me on the company culture and the position, provided detailed information about what to expect and were flexible and accommodating regarding interview schedules. Many of my co-workers today also come from Professional Alternatives. I absolutely love my job and my team and like I say to my recruiters all the time, they get to be a part of changing their candidates lives! Thank you PA Team you guys are great!

Malex B.

I love this company, very professional. Placed me with a long term assignment and finally a
second company where I was placed permanently. They are very quick to return calls and
emails, and address any concerns on your behalf. My recruiter, she is awesome to work with.
Highly recommend Professional Alternatives!

Rita C.

Professional Alterations has helped me increase the possibilities that were coming my way.
Christine has been an amazing help in my job search!

Silia T.

PA is a great agency to work for and the staff there greeted me with all smiles. I had the
pleasure of having Ashley Haynes find a great assignment that matched well with me. She is
very professional and knowledgeable in detail about positions she is matching you with. I would definitely recommend PA to anyone looking for an agency to sign up with.

Thomas C.

I have worked for Professional Alternatives for some time now and I have to say that they are
exactly as their name implies- Professional. I love the whole staff there. They have been very
helpful in assisting me to reach my career goals. You guys rock!!

Dana S.

I have been using Professional Alternatives for over 10 years and they have never let me down. My recent experience was with one of their recruiters from the Lending Services team. He was extremely professional and returned all my phone calls and called me anytime he received an update from the employer I interviewed with. I landed the job and Francisco's professionalism and caring attitude didn't stop. He called to check up on me a few weeks after I started and again 3 months into the job. This has been by far THE BEST recruiting agency I've ever worked with. They truly care about you as an individual. The whole staff at Professional Alternatives are outstanding. I would highly recommend using them.

Gabby W.

Professional Alternatives was recommended to me and I will admit I was concerned. This was
the first time in many years that I had to find employment. Very scary. My recruiter encouraged and mentored me with honesty tempered in kindness and humor. If I had ANY questions or needed guidance, she was a phone call away. I am happily employed with a career that I truly enjoy! Thank you so much.

Kathryn L.

Loved working with the recruiters at Professional Alternatives. They were very helpful and
provided sound advice. I have applied with SEVERAL temp agencies and there are not any
comparisons. They kept in contact with me throughout the last couple of months.

Veronia W.

The ProAlt team is the best in the business! I owe them a tremendous amount for where I am in my career which has allowed me to work in the LA, Houston and Atlanta markets. I can't thank them enough for all of the doors they have opened for me.

Blake C.

I worked with Professional Alternatives for two years and was a great company! All the staff I
have worked with are so sweet and very helpful! My recruiter is always pleasant when
communicating information. She is very informative and very thorough in helping me with
anything I needed help with. I will definitely refer anyone I know to Professional Alternatives.

LaToya C.

PA is amazing! My recruiters did a wonderful job at placing me somewhere. They called me the day after I signed up and I met them the next day. Two days later they had job to place me in. They stay in contact with me constantly. I would recommend this staffing agency to everyone!

Courtney L.

Extremely helpful and thorough. The Staffing Specialists are very prompt and communicative, which is always incredibly helpful.

Aleidriane L.

I worked with the LSG Team and they are awesome! Within days I received an offer and helped me obtain exactly what I wanted with the employer. Now I love working where I am. Thanks so much PA!!!

Ruby M.

Working with ProAlt was one of the best experiences I've had with staffing agency and working with them was great! They found me a position with a fantastic company. The process was smooth and seamless and easier than I could have hoped. I will definitely work with them again!

Jason H.

I was referred to Professional Alternatives by a friend and colleague in 2013 and I have been
sent on two different assignments by ProAlt since then. I have to say that they are hands down the best agency I have had the pleasure of working with. The recruiters were unlike any
recruiter I have ever known or worked with. They were patient, understanding and kind.
Excellent in keeping the lines of communication open. I simply consider them family and look
forward to working with them for many years to come.

Jay U.

I was referred to Pro Alt November of 2016. I spoke with the CEO over the phone and later
went in and met with the lead FSG recruiter and he was truly professional; he asked and
listened to what I was looking for and took notes too. He responded promptly to my follow up
emails and I got placed in a great company in January 2017. My biggest surprise was he called the day before the interview and 'prepped' me for about an hour asking questions and giving feedback on my responses. And again after the interview he called and asked how it went. I have not had a recruiter be that thorough. After I got the job he followed up to ask if I was setting in smoothly. It was a pleasant experience from start till the end and if I needed the services of a job agency in the future I would certainly reach out to Roger and the team again.

Ada O.

I have worked for this company before and was very happy with my positions and the care that I received. So, I received a call from one of the recruiters just 2 days after I lost my job! I was so excited. This job was close to home the company was Rock solid, and the pay was almost the same as my last job! She submitted for the position and I started Monday. Truly a blessing. The job is everything and more I couldn't be happier, well when they make me permanent! Thank Professional Alternatives!

Cheryl H.

Great office staff, professional and easy to work with. They were quick to respond to my inquiry and the placement was with a great company. I couldn't be happier with their service.

Hugo P.

Professional Alternatives is the absolute best staffing agency. They make you feel like you're the only person they're working on finding you the best position possible. I personally feel that I don't need to stress if I'm out of a job because I know they're on it!!

Greg G.

Let me start by saying I was a recent college graduate facing what most recent college
graduates face...small job market. After visiting several temp agencies, the PSG team from Pro Alt was able to find me my perfect career! Now any time I see my fellow Tech alumni friends looking for a career I send them to her!

Taylor L.

I worked with PA to find a career, not just another job. My recruiter was very attentive and
helped me every step of the way. I met with her on a Monday and had my second interview
with an amazing company that Friday, I am also happy to say a same day offer. The team was
amazing and worked together to help me land my dream job. Thank you to the PA team:)

Nicole M.

The entire team is truly amazing! Professional Alternatives has provided both temporary, direct hire and payrolling services to RPS and have always taken the time to find not only the perfect fit skillswise, but also a dynamic cultural match. A true team of seasoned experience and professionalism, I highly recommend them for your staffing needs!

Nancy S.

Professional Alternatives was such a blessing. I was new to Houston and was having difficulty
knowing where to start on my career search. After meeting with her my worries were calmed
that she was going to make sure I found something perfect for me. They helped me perfect my resume and prepared me for interviews and with their help I landed the most amazing job. I have now been at this job for almost 2 years and am truly grateful for everything that the PA
team at Professional Alternatives did for me. Without them I wouldn't have landed my dream job!

Sarah M.

Working with this organization was so simple and so pleasant! The recruiters really care about where their candidates are placed, ensuring it is the best fit for everyone. They are so efficient, and I truly admire the hard work and care they exhibit. Highly recommend!

Kayla L.

Professional Alternatives came highly recommended by a friend of mine who did temporary
work for them several years back. I had been looking to secure a full time administrative
position for quite some time and decided to contact them. I was promptly brought in for an
interview, both recruiters were very professional and willing to assist in furthering my career.
Within a short amount of time following the interview, they placed me with a reputable
company in a temp-to-hire position, where I am now a full time permanent employee. They
were careful to make sure it was the right fit for the company and for me. They both continued to follow up with my manager and I have been a solid support system. I have also
recommended some of my friends to this agency. Pro-Alt is the best recruiting agency I've done business with and I would recommend anyone who is serious about improving their career to contact the company. They definitely go above and beyond to satisfy both the clients and their recruits.

Amanda D.

I absolutely adore the staff at ProAlt. With their help, I got my foot in the door in an extremely
lucrative industry and made a career for myself that I never thought possible. I will be forever
grateful to them, and the rest of the staff at Professional Alternatives. I have sent several
friends and colleagues to them, whom have all been placed in careers that they are extremely
happy with. I would highly recommend using Professional Alternatives to help meet your career goals!

Kelsey R.

Professional Alternatives is an absolutely wonderful staffing agency who really cares about the staff they work with and the companies they assist. Their goal is to work with you to place you in the best company that is compatible with your wants/needs to ensure a permanent placement. The PSG Team placed me in a wonderful company that I had the pleasure of working for 4 1/2 years. I always knew if ever had to look for another job, they would be the first agency I would call. My time had come to an end with my company and sure enough I reached out to Christine Norris immediately to help find the best placement for me. My recruiter was on top of it and within 24 hours we had already discussed a couple of options and meet in person to go over my resume. The team is very knowledgeable about the industry and really gives you honest advice and feedback. Not only are they very professional, but also very charismatic, charming, and had great energy. ProAlt is definitely the staffing agency you want on your side. I simply cannot say enough wonderful great things about Professional Alternatives. They're a great team to work with!

Victoria M.

I moved to Houston a few months ago and had to start the search for a job. PA contacted me
about a month or so after being here and had me come in for an interview about a possible job placement. I did not get the initial job I went in for. The team was very nice and seemed eager to place me in a position once they found one that would work well for me. They were open and honest and told me that I should still apply for jobs on my own and use other agencies to better help myself find a job. I decided to temp for them in the meantime to make some money and pass time. I did temp work at a couple of different places that were all very nice. My recruiter kept in contact with me weekly about both temp and permanent positions available. After about 2 months I was placed in a permanent position with a wonderful company that is a great fit for me and vice versa. My recruiter called to check in even after getting the position. I really enjoyed my time working with PA. Everyone was very professional and realistic of what was happening and could happen. I would definitely give them a try.

Kelsey S.

Working with PA has been great. Since the moment I relocated, they were very active to get me where I needed to be. Constant communication and a clear understanding of my goals was their focus. After a few months, I was placed in a great company. I am so thankful for the
Professional Alternatives team for taking their time to do phone interviews as well as prep me
before my interviews, send me as much detail as possible, give me important information, and help me do a post interview letter every time. They checked in before and after my interviews, as well walked me through the process of what to expect next. I recommend the PSG team to anyone who needs help getting a job and is willing to put in the work they require to make it happen.

Diana Z.

Since interviewing and working with Professional Alternatives, I have been 10x's more effective in finding great employment opportunities as opposed to me job hunting by myself our with other agencies. The staff is always professional, courteous, reply promptly to each email, updates, and/or questions, and take their time matching suitable candidates with employers who are seeking help. Professional Alternatives has personally assisted me in getting in touch with some great company whose job openings matched my qualifications precisely. My recruiter has a unique ability to get results and provide outstanding service to those she interviews from my experience. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who wants success in finding the ideal employment opportunity in today's market.

Bijon W.

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