Employer FAQs

Q: I’ve never worked with a recruiting firm. What does the process look like?

Our staffing professionals take the time to learn your unique hiring needs, ranging from compensation, culture, experience, and all of the other important factors that go into finding the perfect employee.


Depending on your needs, we can fulfill any direct hire, temporary, temp-to-hire, or consulting positions that you’re needing to fill. We can find you one person or an entire team of people.


Our seasoned recruiters specialize in building a relationship with you, so that they can find the employee(s) with the skillset that you’re searching for.


To get started, reach out to us or give us a call at 713-572-2100 to speak to a member of our team today!



Q: Where are you located?

We have two brick and mortar locations: our headquarters in Houston, TX and another in Dallas, TX.


However, with our use of talent acquisition technology and advanced recruiting techniques, we are able to serve as the smarter hiring solution, providing the most advanced staffing and recruiting services for companies around the country.



Q: Do I have to pay for your placement services?

Yes, fees are determined with your recruiter for each specific employee search and are usually dependent on the position you’re looking for. However, the overall cost is typically a savings due to the avoided mistake of a bad hire, which can be costly. You can save time and money by working with the recruiting experts at Professional Alternatives.



Q: Why work with Professional Alternatives and not another staffing agency?

Professional Alternatives utilizes our powerful hiring strategies to find the top talent that will help your company grow. Our recruiters’ extensive industry experience, comprehensive collection of talent acquisition technology, and respect for the needs and expectations of our clients drives us to connect you with the best people when you need them.



Q: What industries do you work within?

Professional Alternatives is made up of five divisions that serve as one unit. Our seasoned recruiters have industry-specific experience in accounting, finance, credit, collections, mortgage, title, banking, sales, customer service, executive/leadership, human resources, creative, marketing, real estate, oil and gas, energy, administrative, and retail.



Q: How quickly can you fill my open position?

Our goal is to staff your role as quickly as we can, which is made possible through our vast network of qualified, skilled, and pre-screened professionals, many of who are ready to sign that offer letter today.


We believe in working smarter for our clients. So, we utilize our large candidate base and collection of technology/tools to find the best people for the job, right when you need them.



Q: I need to fill multiple open positions. Can you do that?

Yes! Our recruiting team has the ability to fill multiple positions for any type of role, whether direct hire or temporary.


Our goal is to help you find top talent in the most time-efficient way possible, growing your business one great hire at a time.


Let us know what you’re hiring needs are and we will get back to you on how we can help!



Q: What happens if the candidate hired is unsatisfactory?

For nearly two decades, Professional Alternatives’ mission has been to help companies grow by providing best-in-class hiring solutions. One of the ways we ensure this consistently high quality of talent and client satisfaction is through the ProAlt Promise, which is our 100% quality guarantee.


Contact your recruiter or a member of our recruiting team to learn more.