Collections Recruiters & Staffing Services

Collections Recruiting and Staffing Services

The collections recruiters and staffing experts at Professional Alternatives understand and value that in today’s business environment, companies require experience and discretion when sourcing and locating collections talent. Delivering top collections recruiting and staffing services, our collections hiring professionals deliver consultative and high-touch staffing services. Professional Alternatives consistently updates our database of talented candidates—delivering the best talent for the job to fit your organization’s growth needs.

Working with some of the highest-level companies in the nation, we fill a number of collections jobs, including:

  • Collections Specialist
  • Billings Associate
  • Collections Call Center Advisor
  • A/R Specialist
  • Credit and Collections Specialist
  • Credit and Collections Manager
  • Credit and Collections Supervisor
  • Credit and Customer Service Representative
  • Collections Clerk
  • Credit Supervisor
  • Customer Billing Support
  • Credit Dispute Analyst

Our Collections Recruiters & Staffing Process

Collections Recruiting & Staffing

Our collections recruiters team up with clients to help them grow their business through top talent, utilizing direct-hire, contract, and contract-to-hire solutions.

Collections Recruiting & Staffing

With more than 315 years of collections recruiting experience, our team of qualified and experienced placement consultants drives true business growth and success.

Collections Recruiting & Staffing

We work every day to ensure consistently high-quality collections talent and client satisfaction through our ProAlt Promise, which is our 100% quality guarantee.

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