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When it comes to event staffing agencies, the recruiting experts at Professional Alternatives understand that premier tradeshows, conferences, and business meetings need top event talent to keep up with today’s fast-paced events market. Dependable and experienced employees are critical to your success and growth, and the event staffing agency experts at Professional Alternatives consistently deliver the quality talent your business needs.

We work with top companies across the country to fill a number of different event jobs, including:

  • Meeting Planner
  • Activities and Events Planner
  • Meeting and Event Planner
  • Event Operations Manager
  • Conference Planner
  • Association Event Planner
  • Event Planner or Event Analyst
  • Exhibition Coordinator
  • Special Events Planner
  • Convention Planner
  • Communications Assistant
  • Development Specialist
  • Community Market Manager
  • Fund Development Coordinator
  • Donor Relations
  • Project Management
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Training Management
  • Social Media Specialist

Our Event Temp Agency Experts & Solutions

Event Staffing Agencies, Event Temp Agency

Our experienced event recruiters partner with clients to help them grow their business through top talent, utilizing direct-hire, contract, and contract-to-hire solutions.

Event Staffing Agencies, Event Temp Agency

With 350+ years of event recruiting and staffing experience, our team of qualified and experienced placement consultants is here for your company's success.

Event Staffing Agencies, Event Temp Agency

We work every day to ensure consistently high-quality event candidates and client satisfaction through our ProAlt Promise, which is our 100% quality guarantee.

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