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As the #1 award-winning staffing agency in Houston, we understand that your time is valuable, so we know how important it is to have a team of recruiting experts that are positioned to keep up with your growing business. Simply posting your open role on job boards can often result in mountains of unqualified and lackluster resumes. This only creates more work for your HR team and hiring managers, driving your hiring costs up, and decreasing productivity.

In the current Houston business market, companies need the industry experience, resources, and skill set of a top Houston search engine with a hyper-local focus and a national network to locate and deliver top talent. At Professional Alternatives, we go above and beyond to meet your hiring needs with excellent service. If you need a staffing firm in Houston that you can depend on, we are your resource for all hiring objectives.

Below are just some of the business sectors in which our Houston, Texas, staffing agency experts work:

Our Staffing Agency Houston Clients

Houston Staffing Agency Focused on Your Company's Success

As the most experienced Houston staffing agency experts, our team utilizes our comprehensive network of talent to deliver the best talent for your company. We can recruit top-performing individuals for your business across various industries. Our team of talented Houston headhunters staffing agency professionals operates with the focus and speed to locate and deliver the professionals you need to keep your business growing.

Push your company forward and save time on hiring when you entrust our staffing agency in Houston. We complete every step with attention and precision so you won't have to settle. We recruit experienced professionals that offer value to your company. Choose Professional Alternatives, and we'll organize, search, and deliver talent that will help you achieve your goals.

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Staffing Agency Houston, TX Services

As a top staffing agency Houston TX, our team specializes in sourcing and placing talented professionals in top Houston jobs, some of which being accounting, human resources, administrative, finance, customer service, office management, marketing, and sales positions. If you need professional hiring assistance, we get results no matter what. Our award-winning team can locate some of the best talent to drive your business forward.

Our team of Houston recruiters are committed to providing our clients with highest-quality hiring services here in the Houston, TX market. With over 300 years of combined experience, our headhunters approach every challenge with professionalism and care. Our attention to detail has made us one of the highest-performing employment agencies in Houston.

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Recruiters in Houston Here As Your Partner

Professional Alternatives operates as the #1 award-winning recruiters in Houston. We take great pride in sourcing and delivering the highest quality Houston staffing solutions using the best hiring technology in the market. Our recruiters in Houston work to ensure every client we work with receives the best talent available, helping your business grow. From direct hire talent to temporary staffing solutions, our Houston headhunters offer a personalized recruitment solution.

Choose Our Houston Hiring Agency for Business Growth

If you're ready to see your business grow, we facilitate the process with unmatched hiring services. Our Houston staffing agency has been locally recognized for over 20 years of excellent recruitment. With Professional Alternatives, you can feel confident in your new hires and have an ongoing partnership with our team.

Companies across Houston trust our staffing firm for consistent, reliable results. Here's what makes us stand out in the industry:

  • Nationwide reach: Our team has connections throughout the country. We can bring enthusiastic talent from all over the United States to your Houston organization.
  • Straightforward Solutions: No matter your needs, you can expect honesty and respect from our team. We take our partnership seriously and value your loyalty.
  • Top talent: Our specialized process locates the best talent available for your field, whether you're in marketing, real estate, or beyond.
  • Market knowledge: As professional headhunters, we know what organizations are looking for in a range of industries. We have an in-depth understanding of the market and know how to find individuals who will excel in each position.
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Our Unique Strategy Provides Real Results

At Professional Alternatives, we make your organization's needs a priority. We serve a wide range of industries and build connections across the country to attract the talent you need to grow.

As a long-standing staffing agency in Houston, we understand the Houston market on a hyper-local level. We'll work to help your business stand out in its field through top-notch talent and hiring standards. Our results are unmatched because we are experts in the field. Give your business the boost it needs to move forward with our recruiters on your side.

Recruiting Agency Houston Delivering Top Talent

Professional Alternatives was founded in Houston in 1998, and for the last 20+ years we've grown into the top recruiting agency Houston has to offer. We work with your business to figure out the talent and skill set your team needs to continue operating at the top of your industry. No matter what your hiring needs are, our team is here to serve as your partner every step of the way. Contact us today! 


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Staffing Agency Houston Winning Awards for 20+ Years

Our staffing agency Houston team is incredibly proud to be recognized as one of the most awarded staffing and recruiting agencies in Houston, TX. Founded in 1998, Professional Alternatives has a history of respect and honesty for its clients. Here are just some of the Houston recruiting awards we've won over the years:

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When you're ready to take your organization to the next level, you can rely on Professional Alternatives. Our team has assisted businesses like yours for over 20 years with top-tier staffing. As an award winning hiring agency in Houston and beyond, we take the stress out of recruitment. Contact us today to learn more and get started!

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