Seniors have different reasons for working. It could be to bring in some extra funds, to keep yourself busy, or to stay involved in something you are passionate about. While we can mostly overlook jobs that involve a lot of heavy lifting, there are plenty of part-time jobs for seniors to suit just about every preference and skill set. Additionally, many of today’s available positions can be managed online and done from home.

Top Picks For Part-Time Jobs for Seniors:

1) Consultant

If you’ve spent your entire life doing a job that you love, sometimes it’s hard to let it go. However, there are still plenty of people and companies who would benefit from your experience. Leverage your network and connections to find ways to turn your time into a profitable experience. If you’re not sure what to charge, check with other consultants in your field to find out what the going rate is.

2) Bookkeeper or Tax Preparer

If you are a retired accountant, you have the skills necessary to provide valuable bookkeeping and tax preparation services. Today, many people and companies are turning to remote accounting services to save time and money, and companies that provide this service are always looking for talent. You can work as much or as little as you want, and often you can be matched with companies in your niche.

3) Virtual Assistant

After a satisfying career as an executive assistant, secretary, or administrative professional, part-time work as a virtual assistant could be the perfect fit. If you are comfortable with basic productivity software, like the Microsoft Office Suite, your skills are highly transferable to a virtual position. Bid on temp positions through freelance sites like UpWork and Fiverr, or contract directly with a company. For freelance websites, you will need to set up a profile to get started.

4) Tutor

For retired teachers who miss the joys of learning, tutoring can be a rewarding way to spend your time. Whether you’re helping high school students study for their SATs or supporting grade school pupils through tough subjects, your skills are in high demand. Even if you’re not a certified teacher, if you have aptitudes in math, science, English, or another language, your experience can make a big difference.

5) Blogger/Copywriter

Just about every company has a website with a blog. Unless they are a big company, they usually need help keeping up with the demand. Whether or not you are a subject matter expert, if you have excellent written language skills, you can find plenty of writing work to keep you busy. Whether you work with local businesses or establish a profile on a freelancing platform, it’s an easy way to keep your mind occupied and earn some extra money on the side.

6) Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

Do you love animals? If so, dog walking or pet-sitting could be a perfect match for you! Dog walking gets you out and about, and it helps busy pet owners take good care of their furry friends. If mobility is an issue, you could consider pet-sitting instead. Check out apps like Wag or Rover to get started.

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