4 Top Use Cases to Remember When Writing a Job Offer Letter

A job offer letter is a letter given to the selected candidate for a position. Before that, the candidate in question and the organization would have verbally negotiated offer conditions then the letter serves as a confirmation of the verbal agreements. There are different letters used in the workplace to reject applicants, make job offers to candidates, make employees feel welcome, and more. These are great ways to keep in touch with applicants throughout the hiring process. A well-crafted job offer letter can position you as an employer of choice that attracts top notch employees.


A Job Offer Letter and Other Letters Required in The Workplace


1) Correspondence to An Early Career Employee

It is well known that a job offer letter is given to the chosen applicant for a job. However, before this happens, the candidate and the human resources department would have exchanged a series of letters to negotiate the terms of hire. What the letter does is seal the deal. Generally, the chosen candidate has already indicated that they will accept the job, under the stated terms, before the letter is even drafted. You should regard the job acceptance as tentative, right until the letter, and the accompanying confidentiality agreement, if any, are signed.


2) Executive Introduction

An executive introduction is a job offer letter personalized for any high-level director, a vice president, Chief Executive Officer or other staff working in the company at the executive level. You will find that their offer letters can be more complex when compared to those received by any lower-level staff in your company. Executive contracts can often be far lengthier because the agreements that are reached usually cover everything down from compensation, to moving expenses, or signing bonuses up to millions of funds in severance packages, not excluding stock options.


3) Applicant Rejection Letter

You should take the time to send a rejection letter to rejected candidates before or after sending any job offer letter. This may be an extra step but a positive one that your brand can use to build goodwill with applicants. It can help applicants know where they stand and how to move forward and also establish your company as a recruiter of choice. A rejection letter can momentarily sadden an applicant. However, it’s best for both parties to exchange official notification. Also, in an efficient rejection letter, the opportunity can be seized to indicate any ongoing interest even if there was a more qualified applicant selected for the job.


4) New Staff Welcome Letter

After an employee has officially accepted the job offer letter, it is a good idea to send them a welcome letter. This letter will make sure that the employee feels like a needed part of your company. It also confirms to the individual that the decision to accept to join your company was the correct and suitable one. This helps the new employee resume for duty on day one with an energized morale and outlook.


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