As an international technology company, Google operates as one of the largest organizations in the world. Founded in 1998, Google specializes in internet-related business and consumer solutions and products, which include digital advertising services, a high-performing search engine, cloud database solutions, software products, and hardware products.

As one of the most well-known companies today, Google has become a highly-sought after place for top performing job seekers looking for their next role. Here are some of the top google jobs today, with their title, pay, and summary included:

Best Google Jobs to Check Out Today:

1) Database Administrator

Average Salary: $100,327

Google possesses a large amount of data that needs to be regularly accessed to ensure that its search results are up-to-date and correct. This is where database administrators come in. While they may not be working on new Google products, these administrators are an important part of the team.

2) Business Analyst

Average Salary: $104,389

To ensure the smooth running of its financial operations, Google employs business analysts to handle this aspect. This is a more quantitative role, which means it requires a little more expertise while netting a higher salary.

3) Network Engineer

Average Salary: $107,534

Network engineers ensure that everything is running efficiently at a company’s intranet. It is impossible to check into code bases while communicating effectively across an organization without a strong network.

4) UX Researchers

Average Salary: $112,536

While UI designers focus on how a product looks, user experience researchers, or UX researchers ensure that Google is equipped with information about how its customers actually feel about the products. They figure out which designs are working or not.

5) Software Engineer

Average Salary: $118,994

Software engineers are vital to Google’s operations. They ensure the efficiency of and crunch out code used for different Google’s products, such as search and Android.

6) Sales Engineer

Average Salary: $119,603

Sales engineers assist Google’s customers to solve major technical issues with different products they’re deploying. A sales engineer is particularly necessary for companies that use Google’s apps like Gmail.

7) Site Reliability Engineer

Average Salary: $124,194

Even if it is just for a few seconds, a lot of money is lost when your site is down for any reason and Google will not make any revenue if its search pages simply aren’t running smoothly. A site reliability engineer works to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

8) Software Research Engineer

Average Salary: $126,916

Google hires engineers to research about new projects that have the potential to turn into important Google products. An example of such a product is Google Glass.


9) Research Scientist

Average Salary: $135,785

Google employs different scientists in its array of research divisions. They have fringe projects, such as driverless cars, that require these employees. Google also requires research scientists for other products, such as data engineering.

10) Google Solutions Consultants

Average Salary: $135, 000 – 214,000

Google solutions consultants liaise with external clients as well as Google’s technical staff to assist in developing products that match the clients’ requirements. They need to be client-facing product managers equipped with a strong understanding of not just technology but also of the clients. These consultants typically focus on one specific industry vertical.

11) Hardware Engineers

Average Salary: $140,000

Job Summary: Hardware engineers at google push the boundaries of any existing computer hardware to create entirely new computing paradigms. For instance, the company possesses a quantum hardware team handling cryogenic microwave devices.

12) Director of Marketing

Average Salary: $245,000

Job Summary: The director of marketing is responsible for executing and spearheading any marketing campaign at Google. They strategize campaigns and get worthy creative ideas right over the finish line.

13) Global Creative Director

Average Salary: $258,000–$280,000

Job Summary: Working alongside the director of marketing, a global creative director possesses an even wider remit. Not simply limited to marketing campaigns, this director defines the voice of the company, and develops interactive experiences while liaising with writers, designers, strategists, engineers, and filmmakers.

14) Director of Product Management

Average Salary: $268,000–$338,000

Job Summary: This job involves almost second-guessing the consumer. The director of product management figures out the wants and needs of consumers then works with designers, engineers, researchers, and project management teams to create it. They scale expectations and figure out which company products are worth pursuing.

15) Finance Director

Average Salary: $274,000

Job Summary: The finance director manages the accounts, maximizes returns on assets, establishes financial policies, and maintains absolute legal compliance in the company.

16) Senior Director, Talent Management

Average Salary: $282,000–$305,000

Job Summary: Fresh ideas are a highly prized commodity in Silicon Valley and so are the individuals who dream them up. The Senior Director of Talent Management handles this aspect by kicking off programs, supervising the managers and countless schemes, as well as laying down targets and guidance policies.

17) Director, Global Partnership

Average Salary: $286,000–$314,000

Job Summary: Partnerships are becoming extra necessary in business. Even though Google may look like it is a one-brand band, there are deals and other helping hands that push the company forward. As the director of global partnerships, this job incubates business growth for different products.

18) Senior Director, Product Management

Average Salary: $296,000–$323,000

Job Summary: Heading the product development team can look basic but it takes a whole lot to be a good director of product management. Utilizing deep, established analytical skills, you will need strong decision making as well as the ability to operate five steps ahead.

19) Director of Engineering

Average Salary: $300,000

Job Summary: This is a leadership position that involves helping to optimize not just workers but their workloads as well. Apart from that, the director of engineering must actually be a pioneer. This director is a virtuoso of their craft and should have the ability to transform science into an art. The director of engineering develops products, outlines strategies, and handles any issues that come their way.

20) Director of Operations

Average Salary: $304,000–$330,000

Job Summary: A lot of things are always going on at Google. The company consists of the developers, researchers, the engineers, and coders, as well as all the logisticians and administrators working behind the scenes. The director of operations oversees all of them.

21) Senior Vice President

Average Salary: $661,000–$710,000

Job Summary: The senior vice president is an important role in Google. The VP analyzes finances, oversees revenue generation, establishes companywide policies, presides over the staff that oversees all operations and leads the company.


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