It doesn’t matter if you are a budding bookkeeper, a business owner, or even a seasoned CPA, as a top accounting professional, you need the right accounting books to keep your skills sharp and best set you up for success. From tax planning down to making ideal decisions that are based on precise financial information, top-notch accounting knowledge is vital to your success. With a variety of accounting books out there, it can be hard to decide which of them to read. Here are some of the most practical and readable:


Top Accounting Books to Increase Your Knowledge & Skills


1) Accounting All-in-One for Dummies

This book is for those who are new to accounting or those who simply require a refresher course. This is the most reader-friendly and comprehensive guide out of most accounting books out there. The book covers accounting basics in simple terms to grow solid accounting knowledge. It is not just thorough; it is accessible and covers almost everything you need to know. The Author, Kenneth W. Boyd, taught everything from setting up accounting systems to working on balance sheets or income statements.


2) Tax Savvy for Small Business

One prevalent aspect of operating a business that is vital to understand is tax accounting and of all accounting books out there, this book shines through. In this book, the author, Frederick W. Daily, writes with the 35 years of experience he accumulated as a tax attorney. He teaches what he knows is true, including but not limited to the fact that a smart tax planning strategy can aid in protecting and increasing your bottom line.


3) Profit First

Entrepreneurs may have encountered different accounting books written in various ways but this particular one includes business strategy as well. The boom promised to transform the businesses of entrepreneurs from cash-consuming monsters to money-making machines. Readers will learn to simplify bookkeeping and with a differing accounting perspective which is one that’s the direct opposite of the widely accepted accounting principles. There is a breakdown of four important accounting principles and so much more.


4) Accounting Best Practices

Possessing the right data is vital for businesses to be able to optimize operations and increase profits. Various accounting books promise to offer best practices and this book is a comprehensive guide written by financial expert Steven Bragg. It is almost a troubleshooting manual. It provides tips, solutions, and even refinements for different common accounting problems. However, it is not for beginners, because many of the techniques included are advanced and they assume a standard knowledge of accounting.


5) The Accounting Game 

You may not be an accounting pro, but you are probably a little familiar with operating a lemonade stand. This is the premise of the accounting book by Judith Orloff and Darrell Mullis. Unlike other accounting books, The Accounting Game explains basic accounting with fresh illustrations from the lemonade stand. They used examples from lemonade stands to breakdown the basics of accounting to people who require simple and sharp explanations.


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