With companies rushing to set up remote arangements for employees working from home, there has been a drastic drop off of in-person meetings. While the need for communicating with co-workers remains steady, more and more businesses are turning to virtual meetings.

While so many technology options are emerging and process changes developing,  how can you make sure that these virtual meetings are being run successfully? Here are some simple virtual meeting best practices and affordable, easy-to-use technology to get you started.

Kicking Off a Successful Virtual Meeting

1) Test Your Technology Before The Meeting Begins

One of the top reasons for delayed virtual meetings is people not knowing how to use the tech beforehand. This lag time of downloading, speaker testing, etc. really kills the meeting’s momentum from the start. Prior to the meeting beginning, the organizer should send out instructions outlining all steps for attendees to take prior to the meeting. With all programs being checked and downloaded before helps everyone ease into the meeting quicker and easier.

2) Use Video Conference Tools

Try video conference tools rather than a conference call feature. This helps employees maintain a since of normalcy, as well as helps you check in on everyone. Free programs that can be used include Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts. Video meetings also help to personalize the conversations and keep employees engaged during.

3) Minimize Presentation Time

Presentations over video conferencing can be difficult to conduct in the same way as the would be in-person. To implement a shorter presentation time, try emailing the background information out beforehand, create an itinerary with the main points to send out, and make sure the presentation is interactive for your attendees listening/watching. This way the presentation has a clear direction beforehand, helping to minimize time used to virtually present.

4) Assign an Organizer

Managing a virtual meeting can be difficult as the main organizer. It is helpful if that person is the one to guide the conversation, while allowing attendees to focus on the meeting’s contents. The organizer takes questions, so all are heard but does so in a systematized way to maintain clarity during the meeting. A typical organizer would be a manager, director, or project manager within a company. This person should also be aware of how the technology works in order to help others during the meeting.

5) Record Your Meeting to Refer Back to Later

Presenting clearly and focusing on responses during your virtual meeting can be a challenge to do simultaneously. Recording each meeting ensures that you get all the details stated by your attendees and can help out in the future as well if anyone missed any crucial information or instructions during the meeting. This can be useful when explaining new project steps to employees too via video to refer back on.

Virtual Meeting Tips from Houston Headhunters

Working remotely and conducting a successful virtual meeting can become a bigger challenge than you may think. Take our virtual meeting tips and utilize them to simplify your meetings and increase productivity among your remote team. Considering expanding your team and want tech-focused candidates? Contact one of our Houston headhunters today! (713) 572-2100

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