How Top Talent Fits into Your Digital Transformation

One of the glaring results of the Coronavirus is digital transformation and the rapid inclusion of data and tech-enabled services into various aspects of human life. As a result, businesses now require innovative ways to navigate this whole situation and there are different suggestions. Some are drawn from science, others from the experiences of other professionals in various fields, as well as digital transformation coaches who mentor leaders in various industries to facilitate adequate preparation.

Tips for Seamless Digital Transformation

1) People Should be the First Priority

Technology helps us achieve more with less, but digital transformation is only effective when you combine technology with human skills. The use of technology has led to the elimination of various outdated jobs and created new ones. Still, all this was achieved by humans, and though innovation comes destruction—the creative part of innovation is dependent on humans. It is important to utilize your team’s ability to adapt so that you reskill and upskill the workforce, boosting the connection between humans and technology.

2) Utilize Data Insights

A large part of the conversation about data in digital transformation is aimed at artificial intelligence or particular kinds of computer intelligence, like AI, machine learning, or even natural language processing. These are impressive advances, yet they are not the major differentiator in an organization’s futureproofing. A larger competitive advantage involves harnessing relevant data, possessing the vital skills to translate the data into significant insights, and then acting on them.

3) Optimize Soft Skills

The vital technological skills for digital transformation are soft instead of hard skills. Truly, the recruitment market needs cybersecurity analysts and data scientists but there is a bigger need for individuals who can be taught the next wave of information technology skills. Higher education is constantly trying to catch up, because where universities see employer demand, they have to follow up with necessary courses and other learning programs, developing a future of ample talent supply in different industries and sectors.

4) Ensure the Success of Long-term Bets

To adapt to a rapidly changing and disrupted present for digital transformation, you need to speed up the operation pace. Sure, there is usually a trade-off when speed and quality are involved, so if you don’t develop a culture that tolerates fast experiments with the idea that the lessons that are learned from those experiences will not just make you stronger but smarter, then you should make sure that all your long-term bets work out.

5) Start from the Top

Change occurs more effectively when driven from the top. This does not require embracing an autocratic structure or developing a culture of fear. It is a matter of leadership, whether it is transactional or transformational. The major implication when navigating digital transformation is that you will not see big changes or important upgrades in your brand unless you pick and develop top leaders that head the sectors you want to see a change in.

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