Work-at-home customer service jobs are incredibly popular given the current market conditions. Many companies may hire customer service representatives for their internal business needs, or they may partner with a customer service staffing agency to locate new team members. 

The collection of remote call center jobs below focuses on specifically work-from-home roles, but some of these may be open to in-office opportunnities as well.

Work-at-Home Customer Service Jobs: Our Top Picks

1) Amazon

Job type: Employee

Time/hours: Part-time

Summary: As a global e-commerce retailer, Amazon has been ramping up its hiring for remote customer service supprt staff, paying around $10-12 per hour. Many of Amazon’s call center positions have historically been temporary seasonal jobs located across the country.

2) Cox Communications

Job type: Employee/contractor

Time/hours: Part-time/full-time

Summary: Cox Communications is an national communications company that provides digital cable television, telecommunications, and Home Automation services in the United States.

3) GE Retail Finance

Job type: Employee

Time/hours: Varies

Summary: Most of GE Financial’s customer service jobs have historically been based in the office, but as the business market changes, their hiring is shifting more towards remote work. Staff benefits include PTO, health, and vision.

4) Century Link

Job type: Part-time/full-time

Time/hours: Varies

Summary: CenturyLink is a communications company providing voice, broadband, and video services for consumers and businesses accross the country. Work at home customer services jobs at Century Link pay around $10 per hour. 

5) American Express (AMEX)

Job type: Employee

Time/hours: Part-time/full-time

Job Summary: American Express, also known as Amex, is an international financial services corporation best known for its charge card and credit cards. The financial company offers a variety of remote/work-from-home customer service jobs. 

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