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Professional Alternatives is a premier staffing agency operating in the San Antonio area. We leverage recruitment experience and world-class technology to connect our partners with viable job candidates. Whether you need a temporary addition to your team during your busy season or a full-time employee who you'll hire directly onto your staff, Professional Alternatives can fill your openings fast.

San Antonio Staffing Agency Experts Delivering Top Talent

As the award-winning San Antonio staffing agency experts, Professional Alternatives' team utilizes a deep understanding of the local San Antonio job market to partner with top organizations. When you work with us, our dedicated staffing team will gather information on your business and industry to help you identify your recruitment needs and find the right strategy.

With our extensive candidate database and national reach, our San Antonio headhunters are able to locate top talent to fill a range of positions, keeping your company on top. We'll match you with candidates verified to have the skills you need. You'll interview the candidates we pull, determine which ones you'd like to hire, and get right to work with your new team member.

Filling Positions in Numerous Sectors

Hiring is a complex process that varies from industry to industry. When you partner with a San Antonio staffing agency, you'll want to choose a company with the experience and resources to produce candidates who will excel in your market.

At Professional Alternatives, we've spent almost two decades partnering with businesses from many sectors. Our experts are uniquely qualified to recruit for numerous industries, including:

Staffing on Your Terms

Bringing on new employees is a big decision, but Professional Alternatives is here to put you in control. With our recruitment services, you can hire new employees in a way that works for you. We give our partners the option to add full-time employees, develop temporary contract positions, and anything in between.

Our staffing services for San Antonio businesses include:

  • Direct-hire recruitingAccess a network of talented candidates ready to join your team long-term.
  • Temporary and contract staffingWork with the top temp agency in San Antonio to add a talented professional to your team for as long as you need them.
  • Temp-to-hire staffing: Hire temporary employees with the option to bring them on full time if they're a good fit.
  • Payroll solutionsOutsource your payroll functions to Professional Alternatives to reduce costs.
  • Remote staffing: Build your remote workforce with employees ready to work productively from any location.

Why Work With a Staffing Agency?

Your business has enough on its plate, so outsource your hiring needs to a reputable San Antonio recruitment agency like Professional Alternatives. Staffing services can help your company:

  • Reduce costs by outsourcing recruitment rather than paying a full-time employee.
  • Access an extensive database of candidates with the skills you need.
  • Retain the flexibility to scale your staff as your needs evolve.
  • Limit turnover by hiring talented employees who stay with your company.
  • Boost efficiency by filling the vacancies that have your team pulling double-duty.

Partner With Professional Alternatives

Businesses in San Antonio have trusted Professional Alternatives for recruitment services for nearly two decades. We're eager to connect you with talented candidates who can help your business reach new heights. Contact us online for more information on how you can benefit from a partnership with the top job candidate headhunters in San Antonio — or to start the hiring process today!

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Award-Winning Remote Staffing Solutions

Professional Alternatives has been building a candidate database for decades, giving us access to the best remote talent that you need for your business goals.