Top Duties of a Commercial Collector?

Top Duties of a Commercial Collector? Hiring a commercial collector for your business is a great way to receive the funds that you’re owed. When you hire a commercial collector, you don’t need to consolidate this debt with an intermediary like a debt collection agency. However, commercial collecting isn’t a job that’s designed for the…

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What Does a Client Representative Do?

Client Representative

What Does a Client Representative Do? Client representatives are the first point of contact for many companies. They are in charge of providing positive interactions with the clients. They also need to be able to address issues and resolve them in a timely manner. Client Representative Job Duties There is a wide range of job…

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Loan Officer Job Descriptions, Salary and Interview Questions

Loan Officer Job Descriptions

Loan Officer Job Descriptions Salary and Interview Questions If you want to hire a good loan officer for your mortgage company, you need to be upfront in your job description about what you expect. Just to weed out potential employees who can’t handle the job duties you need them to accomplish. Please continue reading to…

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